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Join Slo and Motty as they journey through a plagued forest to help revive their home.


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A plague is slowly spreading towards their home, the forest. Fruits become bitter, growth has halted, and everything green is fading to black.
Slo, the last chosen sloth has to make his way through this plague to restore his home. He bears the spore, the substance that will rejuvenate what is lost. As Slo’s fur releases the spore, the spread of the plague will cease, and new growth will begin. However, for that to happen, he must travel through the black forest following the source of this plague to end it once and for all.

Slo is Accompanied on his endeavor by his friend Motty, not your ordinary nocturnal winged creature. He travels together with Slo to fend off enemies along their path.
Help them reach their destination to put an end to the plague and bring back peace to their surroundings.

Game Features:
- 30 replayable levels.
- Leveling system to help strengthen Slo and Motty’s skills
- Plan your strategy to achieve the highest score.
- Grow stronger and replay levels and collect more spores.
- Post your high scores on the leaderboard.
- Active gameplay using your swiping skills or passive gameplay by upgrading Motty’s auto attack senses.


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Guide Motty towards their enemies as Slo travels the forest. React fast to swipe those projectiles away. Collect spores dropped from enemies and use these to develop abilities further. Don’t leave Slo hanging too much if you want a higher score. Unlock multiple levels at once and plan your strategy. Collect spores from friends you discover on the map. Level up enough if you want to face the greatest danger waiting for you at the final level.


Sloths, moths, dolphins, sakis, and trogons, are all animals from which inspiration was drawn to make Go Slo a swiping action-adventure.
In collaboration with Monique Pool, "Sloth Lady" and founder of Green Heritage Fund Suriname, it was made possible to bring more attention to the wildlife.

For more information on Green Heritage Fund Suriname, visit:






"De Molen" Put the icing on the cake which allowed "Go Slo" to reach its final destination. Through their funding, this game has taken a greater form.


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"Go Slo" is available for download at: