Tumsi Creative

Games & Apps Development

Tumsi Creative is a game publisher that amazing games for all platforms. Tumsi Creative launched its first game in 2020 called “Go Slo”, being the first company to locally produce digital games for an international market.


Games have always had a joyful place in every person’s heart, whether it be a table card game, or playing with friends in outdoor activities. 

We will utilize the latest technologies to develop amazing games and applications for everyone.

Our goal is create amazing games



As new technologies emerge, develop and improve, Tumsi Creative will be at the forefront to make use of these new technologies to create better experiences for its users.



Tumsi Creative will grow from a few game titles released to many more to come. Our games will not only be amazing but educational as well. We want to offer great services to customers that want to communicate their ideas to the world.





Educational game from Suriname goes international.